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American Vision Garages - Clopay Garage Doors In the Beginning: American Vision Garages is a family owned business that began with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the Garage Door and Garage Organization Installation Industry — through quality products, customer service and integrity in business — one customer at a time. We began after numerous requests from the Customers of American Vision Windows and Kitchens (also owned by family members) who were demanding the same level of service and quality they had received during their windows and kitchens projects — for their garages — and just could not find it. Customers complained that their current garage door replacements and their interior organization were being done by unlicensed, poor quality and/or non-service oriented companies or franchises. They demanded more — and they asked us for help. American Vision Garages took up the challenge believing that homeowners, regardless of the size of their home or location, deserve a high level of quality, honest business practices, great customer service, and fair pricing. We felt that if we treated each customer as if they are family — they will become family. If we educate each customer, teach them about what they are buying and answer all their questions — we will create a buyer who will not be taken advantage of — even if they buy from someone else. Today and Beyond: In today’s climate many people are turning to their garage doors as an easy way change the look of their entire house for just a