Bayer Built Doors Acclimated Entry Systems – Glenbrook U

Bayer Built Doors Acclimated Entry Systems - Glenbrook U
Acclimated Entry Systems ™ Features Continuous Head, Sill and Mull System Utilizing a continuous head and sill system with a sturdy 2 1/2″ mull post maximizes stability of sidelite units and virtually eliminates racking and binding. Dual Seal Adjustable Sill The composite substrate, high dam and dual seal overlap cap resist wind and water damage to the sill. Sill covers provide jobsite protection. Aluminum Clad Maintenance-free heavy-duty aluminum clad is available with crownline or classic brickmould styles (crownline pictured). Seven colors in stock. Garage door clad frame sets are also available. Standard Frame Our standard frame is primed on the exterior for painting and unfinished on the interior for staining to blend with interior trim. Solid oak and stainable pine jambs are available too. Storm door prep is standard. Hinge Colors A variety of hinge finishes are available to match door hardware. Sure Fit Worksaver Shims This 2-piece interlocking shim solution eases installation with pre-applied base plates in proper locations and quantity. The shim is simply inserted in the base plate and trimmed to size. Force 5 Performance Guarantee This program brings together “certified” weather resistant frame components and doors with a guarantee* to create high performance, reliable entry systems… Acclimated Entry Systems * Properly installed entry systems carry the warranty of the door. For example, a Barrington system has a limited Lifetime Warranty while a Select Steel