Bill Gates , here is the You Tube Elite!

Bill Gates , here is the You Tube Elite! Dear Bill Gates, My name is (Kidkel69, cyber-lands one and only rock chic!) http “Rocking Fun Music” The First Virtual reality cyber-space music and media mall in the World! Over 1 million viewer’s! Google it and see! I expect to be a multimillionaire within 2 years. I am offering to partner with Microsoft. Rocking Fun Music has what Microsoft doesn’t , Generation X,Y, and Z! Zzzz for the Sleeper. I call it ” short attention -span theatre generation .” Easily bored. Microsoft holds the market for solutions and technology, but lacks in Big Media Reality marketing. Rocking Fun Music will provide Microsoft with new customers and promote all your products. Kidkel69 utilized ALL windows programs to single handedly create the number 1 cyber-space reality cyber mall concept. My research has concluded that the average cyber-spacer watches 2-4 minute video clips. With 1 ad for Microsoft in each video, the viewer retains the information for approximately 24 hours. Not 1 major corporation has it’s own virtual reality show. I am asking Microsoft to use Kidkel69 as a spokes person and media marketer to show the world that 1 person, with the use of Windows can develop what takes television producers millions of Dollars and huge amounts of time . Microsoft tools allow Anyone , any age, race, creed, or countryman to be a reality star, business developer, strategic marketer…etc. Further more, the average length of time an individual spends on a website is 4