Bob Hudson – The Newcastle song

Bob Hudson - The Newcastle song
Bob Hudson – The Newcastle song.1975, #1,(4), The songs lyrics describe the actions of novocastrian males driving along Hunter Street Newcastle. The car of choice is of course, the FJ Holden with drive down Hunter Street in their hot FJ Holdens with chrome plated grease nipples and double reverse overhead twin cam door handles. Aside from its topical humour and catchy chorus, the song was an incisive piece of social commentary. Hudson had been performing the song for several years before recording it. Hudson wrote a straight novelty sequel to `The Newcastle Song called `Rak Off Normie, which Maureen Elkner recorded. The single reached #6 in June. Folk/blues singer Margret Roadknight covered another of Hudsons social-observations-set-in-song, `Girls in our Town (from The Newcastle Song) and scored a minor hit in the process. Hudson and Roadknight later toured together.