CLONING (COPY) REMOTE CONTROL TRANSMITTER, GATE & GARAGE DOOR OPENER The CTX is a cloning remote control transmitter that can duplicate your existing automated gate or garage door remote control transmitter. The CTX has a learning function that copies the code of your original transmitter and stores it in its memory, when the CTX’s button is pressed it transmits that code allowing you to use it to open your automatic gates, roller shutter, garage door, barrier etc The CTX is able to copy remote control transmitters from many leading manufacturers including; Came, BFT, Beninca, Casali, DEA, Fadini, Gibidi, Nice, SEAV and Allmatic The CTX will copy (clone) any remote control transmitter operating on the 433.92 MHz radio frequency with a fixed code, this means that each time the remote control button is pressed the same code is transmitted. It is not possible to copy any remote that uses code hopping or rolling code technology because these types of remote control send a different code each time the button is pressed. The CTX has 2 buttons and each button can copy a transmitter code, so if your existing remote control has 2 buttons the CTX can duplicate both of them, you can also copy multiple remotes to the CTX so if you have a remote control for your automatic gate and another for your garage door providing they are both fixed code and operate on the 433.92 MHz radio frequency you can copy both to the CTX, this then allows you to control your gate and garage door using one remote control. Available from http “Music