Donkey Kong Country 2 102% H – Carts, Brambles, Carts

Donkey Kong Country 2 102% H - Carts, Brambles, Carts
Target Terror, Bramble Scramble and Rickety Race are covered. Here we have the two cart stages with cool music.. Bramble thrown at us in-between. Target Terror In the cart rolling stage, you pass through gates (presumably targets) that you open by breaking a “√” Barrel. I am definitely taking the sound effect these barrels make! Anyway, sometimes the gate s open, but there will be an “X” barrel which closes it. If you hit the gate, your lead Kong falls off the cart, without even switching so there must be caution. Some Kremlings will lug barrels at you, which you can jump on. Even so, one managed to hit me from behind… how It hit me, I do not know (I got a blooper not shown here I might use later with this). BSt1: Destroy them all (Zingers). But why does this look like it belongs in Bramble Scramble?? BSt2: Find the Coin. You jump through a series of carts one after another to reach the end, but these move 2X faster then regular carts. Bramble Scramble More Bramble Madness. As far as I’ve seen, nobody gets the “K” letter. It’s to the right! Well moving ahead, this level has a darker sky and lots of enemies. I think there are more spots in the level where Brambles don’t have spike properties like the one I found here. Squawks lends us a hand once again to navigate this madness. Here by the half-way mark, the DK Coin is well-hidden through fake brambles! Another not-so-obvious staple. BSt: This is JUST like the first BSt of previous level, minus stars. Collect the stars