Nova Scotia Vineyard For Sale, Home For Sale, and Land For Sale – Wine Real Estate

Nova Scotia Vineyard For Sale, Home For Sale, and Land For Sale - Wine Real Estate
For more info go to: PROPERTY: This beautiful property is located in Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia , Canada. The property consists of 97 surveyed acres, from the top of North Mountain to the bottom, southerly facing. 47 acres are cleared fields and 50 acres of wooded resource. Of the 47 cleared acres, 10 acres are presently planted in vineyard (2 more acres to be planted this year ,2009) for a total of 12 acres. The vineyards were started in 2005 and plantings have taken place each year since. 4.5 acres are ready to be harvested this year with more coming on line in each of the next 3 years. There are also 1 ½ acres planted in mature raspberries. The house and buildings sit on approximately 3 acres. There are 15 additional acres of the cleared property that are ideally suited for future vineyard expansion. This 15 acre plot is the best vineyard site on the property, southfacing/sloping. The rest of the cleared land is now in fallow fields. The woodland consists of mature hardwood and coniferous trees . The woodland runs up North Mountain and over the top. There is a trail that goes through the property to the top of the mountain. Wood has been selectively cut near the bottom of the mountain for the yearly supply of wood for heating the home. There are 2 brooks on the property which run all year. A man made pond approximately 75 by 75 by 7 deep, sits on the edge of the woods on the slope of the mountain. THE BUILDINGS: The residence, 30by 40