NYC Rolling Gates Telephone Entry Systems

When it’s time to choose a telephone entry system for your gate, it’s important to take several things into consideration such as the number of codes required, the specific features you require, and the overall cost. If you need assistance with the best telephone entry system for your property, please give us a call at 888-322-9035 and you will be connected to one of our Telephone Entry System specialists that can help find the best solution for you.

Product Details

One of our most popular telephone entry systems is the Liftmaster TAC1 Telephone Entry System, pictured above. It provides wired communication and a secure access control for your gate or door. It’s possible for homeowners to use any type of touch-tone phone in their home in order to speak to a visitor outside, and either grant or deny them access.

Hardwired for power and connected directly to your existing telephone line, the TAC1 greets your visitors with not only a highly visible backlit keypad, but also attractive styling. It’s a rugged security unit that has a tamper-resistant poly carbonate enclosure and is engineered to withstand maximum impact which will also prevent denting and corrosion.

This unit utilizes Security+® technology which basically means that the TAC1 can deliver complete independent wireless control of two entrances. However, the system has to be paired with a LiftMaster® Door or Gate Access Systems, or a LiftMaster Security+ receiver. This in effect means that even if a vandal does happen to break into the TAC1 guarded enclosure, it will be impossible for the thief to command the gate or make the door open.

The TAC1 is very simple to use and grants the homeowner or small business the ability to greet visitors, grant or deny access, or activate several system modes, all from the convenience of their touch-tone phone.

Addition TAC1 Features include:

  • Call button: separate user-friendly push button initiates a phone call to the resident
  • Digital voice quality: provides automatic sound leveling and background noise filtering for clearer communication
  • Distinctive ringing: distinguishes between a standard phone call and a visitor request call
  • Call waiting: allows you to answer a call from the gate or door while in the middle of another outside call
  • Call forwarding: allows you to greet a visitor, even when you’re not home
  • Remote open: open two entrances independently from your home or office
  • “Party” mode: to open, and hold your entrance open
  • “Vacation” mode: locks the system down to administrator control only
  • “Intercom” mode: useful to make wired phones active for access in “cellular only” homes
  • Do not disturb: silence the telephone call mode for additional privacy
  • Entry codes: up to 200 4-digit codes can be set as permanent or one-time-use-only
  • Security+ Rolling Code Technology: provides seamless communication between LiftMaster door and gate openers
  • Flexible dual control feature: unit may be connected to two devices, such as a door or gate 1-year warranty

For more information on the popular TAC1 Telephone Entry System, give us a call at 888-322-9035 and let us safeguard your home or business today.