Psyvariar 2 – Gluon

Psyvariar 2 - Gluon
This boss hates me so much! Hoping to one day 1 life this stage, so close now – I’m gonna keep training! It’s the bit at the end of the largest spiralled attack that still gives me The Fear. I’m still just praying I make it rather than knowing how to do it and I die there half the time. Psyvariar 2 – System Buzz: The action of a shot (“cartridge”) passing through your mecha’s Buzz Field. The Buzz Field is the highlighted circular area surrounding the player character, this field represents the area of effect of the Buzz System. The player’s destructable hitbox is only a few pixels dead centre of the Buzz Field Each time a shot or object passes through the Buzz Field it counts as 1 Buzz. The key to Psyvariar is to learn how to interact with enemy shots and surf them rather than evading – you have to un-learn a lot from playing past games. Buzzing shots increases the Neutrino gauge explained next: Neutrino: Buzzing enemy shots will fill the Neutrino Gauge, each time the gauge completely fills a short shield will activate and the player character will gain 1 level. Each time a shield activates, the Neutrino Gauge will reset to a value of 0. However it is possible to refill the Neutrino Gauge and activate another shield, while your current shield is still active – this is a Shield Chain. The rate the Neutrino Gauge fills is determined by the gauge’s colour; Red is least active while Blue is most active. Buzzing shots while the Neutrino Gauge is closer to Blue will rapidly