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Looking for experts who can install that brand new commerical garage door? How about repairing an electric gate? Well look no further because that’s exactly what NYC Rolling Gates specializes in for the past 20 years! Located at 11307 South Ozone Park, Queens 11420, no matter the job – we’ll take it!

Our technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and are knowledgeable in everything door related such as rolling gates, rolling windows, OverHead Doors, Roll up Doors, Garage Doors, Fire Doors, Windows Installing, Windows Repair, Windows Gates, and more. Not only do we know commercial installation and repair, but we also do residential as well.

One reason why NYC Rolling Gates has been as successful as it is, is because of our quick turnaround and reasonable quotes. Unlike some other companies, we never surprise our clients with unreasonable prices and sub par work. Everything we do is top-notch and we use nothing but the best materials to build or repair your window or gate.

Call us today at 917-439-8428 and see why we’re simply the best when it comes to installing or repairing windows, doors, and gates for your business or place of residence.