NYC Rolling Gates Fence Installation and Repair

NYC Rolling Gates is a professional fence contractor that was started over two decades ago. Our goal is to provide fence installations throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island. NYC Rolling Gates strive to provide quality installations for many different types and styles of fences.

We’re open and ready for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be reach at 888-322-9035. No matter what type of fence job, whether it be big or small, we’ll take it. Call us today and see why we’re NYCs most reliable and efficient fence installation and repair company.

At NYC Rolling Gates we’re in for the long haul and are with you every step of the way; from our free no-obligation, in-home consultation to the installation and final review. Aside from determining your fencing needs, we’ll also review style options and measure your yard. The next step is for us to order your materials and set up an installation date. Once the project is finished and your new fence has been built, we’ll haul off any debris and conduct a final inspection.

Trust NYC Rolling Gate’s professionals to install your fencing.

Licensed and Insured
Our fencing contractors are specially trained and undergo a very thorough background screening process.

We use only premium-quality materials to build our fences.

All of our fences meet applicable safety and building codes.

Project Management
We’re on the job from start to finish and have great turnaround time.

The Many Uses of a Fence

  • Fences for Privacy
  • Fences for Decorative purposes
  • Fences for Landscaping
  • Fences for horses and other livestock
  • Fences to protect yards, industrial property
  • Fences for Pools
  • Fences for Security
  • Fences for Preventing Snow
  • Fences for Sports
  • Fences for fixed machinery
  • Fences for Prisons
  • Fences for Airfields
  • Fences for facilities with high-voltage equipment

Fence Styles

  • Picket
  • Dog ear
  • Flat Top
  • French Gothic
  • Gothic
  • Pool
  • Rail
  • Split rail
  • Two rail
  • Three-rail
  • Four-rail
  • Pointed
  • New England style
  • Ball-style
  • Pyramid-style
  • Crossbuck
  • Privacy
  • Semi-privacy
  • Basket-weave
  • Ornamental
  • Lattice
  • Shadow box

Fence Materials

Wooden Fences
  • Oak Fences
  • Cedar Fences
  • Wattle Fences
  • Chestnut Fences
  • Pine Fences
  • Spruce
Vinyl Fences
Metal Fences
Aluminum Fences
Chain Link Fences
Steel Fences
Wrought Iron Fences
Barbed wire Fences
Electric Fences
Bamboo Fences