Overhead Doors

There are many security doors services provided by the NYC Rolling Gates in the different areas of New York. Today we will talk about the use of “Overhead doors”

and what is the contribution of these types of doors in the security measures of our homes/apartments. Overhead doors are mainly used in garage for the purpose of
 keeping our vehicles safe. As the overhead doors are meant to be
Used for a different purpose, their design is also a bit different. These doors are horizontal most of the times. NYC Rolling Gate provides no. of designs when it
comes to the overhead doors and there usefulness. Most of the times, overhead doors are being operated by a remote so that when you come in your car you don’t have to
get out in order to open the gate. You can simply sit and press the button and the gate will open. You can have detailed information about the overhead doors from the
NYC Rolling gate website i.e. www.nycrollinggates.com
You can reach NYC Rolling gate anytime for any help related to the overhead doors. NYC Rolling gate will help in the installation as well as post repair or any kind of issues
You face.so just dial  888-322-9035 And NYC Rolling gate team is there to help.
if you are in New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island. You should have seen many overhead and garage doors installed by the NYC rolling gates team.
You can also add alarm system to your garage doors as that will also secure you and your home from any unwanted intruders. NYC Rolling Gate offers many beautiful
garage doors with paintings over them that add to the artistic beauty of your home.

For information specific to only overhead doors

and to check the recent activity at NYC rolling gates website
NYC Rolling gate provides garage doors that can be easily operated with the remote and once the batteries die, you can simply replace them and there you go, the
 door is back to its normal. That’s why the garage doors are also considered to be more durable. If you have any query related to the garage door, feel free to call

us at  888-322-9035.

Services offered by the NYC Rolling Repair

NYC Rolling Repair is the leading gates security provider from New York.
NYC Rolling Repair provides services like Installing steel garage doors. So if you are thinking of using the most durable and for that matter also so very popular doors, you should choose the right provider too and that is NYC Rolling Gates. These doors are more durable than sensitive doors made by wood or aluminium. These doors are also far better when it comes to the security measures. Steel doors are available in different sizes as well as different patters. You can get a glimpse of these doors by visiting NYC Rolling gates website at
You can install these doors on your own but there are specific tools that you need to do so. The name of the tools are utility knife, galvanized roofing nails, cable brackets, lag screws, electric screw driver, hammer, penny nails, hinge screws power drills, carpenter’s level so if you do not want to go through all this, just don’t worry, we are here to help you just pick up your phone and call us.
You can reach us by calling 888-322-9035.
NYC Rolling Gates team will help you in installation of the steel gates as well as any kind of problems faced during or after the installation will also be taken care of by the professional technicians. The best part is that you can reach NYC Rolling Gates technicians at any point of time because this team is available at your service 24×7. All your queries and problems on the phone or in the presence of the team will be acknowledged and you will be informed about each and every step of the process. So be it steel doors or other more commonly doors like garage doors for your cars or overhead doors, NYC Rolling Gates takes care of everything.
You can find all the details about garage doors as well as overhead doors by visiting our website. We have detailed information and techniques for installing the doors, Details related to the rolling gates and Information about the garage doors on our website.

Rolling gates repair in NYC

Rolling gates play a very important role when it comes to the security of your business. Talking about the rolling gates, NYC Rolling gates is the best service provider when
 it comes to security providers in the New York area. NYC Rolling Gates provides services for both the commercial and home users. The main services provided by NYC Rolling
Gates include roll up doors,roll down doors, electric gates,window gates, Iron gates,aluminium gates, gates with grills, Doors, Locks.If you require any of these services at any
 time, just don’t hesitate and call us at 888-322-9035.
Because NYC Rolling Gates is at your service all the time. NYC Rolling Gates provides best gate security services because NYC team consists of best professionals available.
We don’t hire freelancers or outsource, we make sure that our talented team of technicians is at your service 24X7.
We can always be reached by calling our helpline no. or you can visit our website www.nycrollinggates.com
more information specific to the rolling grilled gates and doors at
All our gates like rolling gates,garage doors,overhead doors,roll up gates are weather proof thus you can stay relaxed even if the weather is not at terms with you.
Your security will not be compromised and also if you need any support post installation,again NYC Rolling Repair is just one call away. So be it any query before you place an
order or you need any maintainance or help,NYC Rolling Gates team is there, with you to help and provide the best security gates services in New York and other areas like
Manhattan,Brooklyn,Queens,Bronx and Long Island. For your convinenece, you can visit our site and search for any item and you will get the detailed related to the same.
So the website of NYC Rolling gate is another user friendly interface to communicate with the best service providers of New York.
So if it is the safety of your vehicle or if it is your age long business,keep it under tight security and keep the burglars away.use NYC Rolling Repair services and make your life simpler.
You can contact us at 888-322-9035
Once you use NYC Rolling Repair services, we assure you that you will have the best customer experience.

NYC Rolling Gates Repair Services

Talking about keeping your property secure is very important for everyone. We will talk about one of the best service providers in the New York and Manhattan areas,
named NYC Rolling gates repair service.  NYC Rolling gates provides services like garage doors, overhead doors, automotive gates repair, Commercial rolling gates
repair, Emergency gates opener, open and also fix jammed gates, repair of all kind of gates, Electric spring gates curtain repair, Installation of all types of gates like security, residential, commercial etc.
If you are facing any kind of issues like hardware not working properly, gates are jammed or for any kind of replacement of the gates, NYC Rolling gates repair services are just a call away. We understand your needs and that is why NYC Rolling gates repair is just a door step away from you.
Call us at 888-322-9035 anytime during the week and we will be at your service 24X7.
NYC Rolling Gates also provides services like roll up gates and doors that adds extra features to your security and keeps any unwanted intruder away from you and your business. NYC Rolling Gates services are available in a lot of areas now like New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, queens, Bronx, long island.
All types of residential garage doors can be operated any time of the week using our services. NYC Rolling Gates have made a name for itself in short span of time because of its quick and efficient services in the areas mentioned above. Any issues with the rolling up doors and you just need to call us at 888-322-9035.
We don’t treat our clients as just clients, we try to provide the best customer services in every possible ways to them and that is one of the reasons when it comes to the best
 customer service, NYC Rolling Gates Tops every list. We can be reached very easily on our contact no. or you can simply fill our inquiry form by visiting our website
The website gives a brief of all the services provided by us and the enquiry form available at our website will help if you have any query or need any information before using our services, just simply fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
 Therefore you can be rest assured about the services before you pay. This leads to a long term relationship between the clients and us as the service providers.
We believe in customer experience and your feedback is the most valuable to us.

Manhattan NYC Rolling Gate

Our Services in New York: NYC Rolling Gate services related to the security gates in this area. NYC Rolling gate is one of the best service provider when it comes to the  Residential Rolling Gate, Emergency rolling gate installation services in  Manhattan NYC, 24 Hour 7 day repair and Installation of all types of security gates, installation and repair of roll up/down door gates, window gates to security store front gates, servicing of stuck gates released in Manhattan 24/7, Roll up gate rolling gate motorized Gate in NYC, Gates opener or gate key opener, key switch, NY, Emergency gates opener New York City, New York City electric gate, New York City Heavy gates repair in Manhattan NYC, Change fix replace open stuck jammed off track gate in the New York City,Storefront gates New York City, Manhattan, NY repair service, New York City NY, We repair and install all types of security gates in New York City NY, Roll up door Gate installation in Brooklyn, window gate security and store front gates in the New York. Emergency Roll up Doors / Rolling Gate services in New York City NY, Gate Repairs and new installations in Manhattan NY New York City Any size you need. Please read about the gate sizes at our website. Here at NYC Rolling Gates we understand how good a Rolling Gate & Windows gate is for the home security. In fact its priceless, and they are elsewhere, too, such as commercial warehouses and industries.

At NYC Rolling Gates, we have the skills and ability to do the job for you. We are at your service all the time because we understand and respect the needs of our clients, we are available all the time and you can reach us by calling 888-322-9035.

We will never oversell to our client. We will first understand the need and accordingly will offer you the doors that are required by your business/garage/home. Depending on the need the doors can be overhead, rolling gate or a garage door.

There is all the information available about all type of doors on our website www.nycrollinggates.com so don’t wait and just call us, we will be there to help.


NYC Rolling Gates Garage Door Sizes

Garage Doors Sizes on the Market

Before selecting a garage door, you first have to decide on garage doors sizes that will best fit your needs. But what happens if your garage opening for doors is not a standard size and you need some special sizes to fit in? Never fear, there are a lot of various sizes available so you are most likely to find doors that fit your garage with an exact fit. Just in case you really can’t find anything suitable for your home, there is always the option of having your garage doors custom made.

Tips about garage doors sizes

Before you get started and search for garage doors sizes measure the opening for your door. Try to be as precise as possible. If you are not sure, whether you have measured the opening correctly it would be a good idea to get an expert do it for you before ordering. If the size doesn’t match when you receive the doors, then there might be serious problems later on and you may will probably have to return the doors to get them in a different size.

Types of doors can determine garage doors sizes

There are many types of garage doors available to consumers. Different types of doors require different garage door sizes to properly install. For example, overhead doors have a completely different installation process and require space along the ceiling of the garage or on both walls. Classic garage doors on the other hand don’t need anything except the space to install them at the opening.

Here are some general door sizes available:

  • Single car door
  • Double car door
  • Golf cart door

believe it or not standard sizes of garage doors vary among states and even cities. So it’s important to be extra careful to get the exact size when measuring your available space and when ordering the door.

Another interesting fact that may surprise you is that if you have bought garage doors 20 years back, the sizes have changed in recent years considerably. Why is that? Because  recent SUVs and pickups have gotten bigger.

There are many things you have to keep in mind before ordering your new door but as long as you can get your car(s) comfortably in the garage and you have double checked the garage doors sizes you shouldn’t experience any problems. Call NYC Rolling Gates today to find out more about our Garage door installation and repair service.

NYC Rolling Gates: Installing Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors have become very popular in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that they are more durable than doors made from aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Sometimes however, modern steel garage doors are not entirely made of steel, but instead have wood grain patterns. This type of embossing makes steel doors very presentable, affordable and prevents it from being susceptible to cracks and warping.

Nowadays it’s common to find steel doors that are insulated with either polystyrene or polyurethane foam. This keeps the doors warm during cold weather and brutal winters. Insulation also provides protection against rust. In addition, the insulation makes the steel doors easy to operate and also quieter when in use. Made in different sizes, steel doors are able to accommodate any type of door entrance. Steel doors are also available in different styles including flush, raised panel and recessed panel.

There are many ways to go about purchasing a Steel Garage Door. It’s possible to find a local dealer selling a particular manufacturer’s doors or one that sells doors made by different manufacturers. Some dealers and manufactures even have showrooms. Find a steel garage door online gives you the chance to view many steel doors in different sizes, designs and styles before making your final decision.

Installing a steel door yourself is possible to do but you need to have patience and the right tools. Required tools include: a utility knife, galvanized roofing nails, cable brackets, lag screws, electric screw driver, hammer, penny nails, hinge screws power drill, carpenter’s level, ratchet wrench, weather stripping material and steel door installation kit. The fist thing you’ll have to do is attach the weather striping material to the bottom of your steel doors with the galvanized roofing nails. Next, you’ll need to screw in the cable brackets to the door for the purpose of securing the weather stripping material. After that, you’ll have to place your steel door in the doorway.

Drive penny nails into the door jamb on either side of the door, in order to secure the bottom panel of your steel doors. Next, attach the hinges to the top edge of the bottom panel, mounting the brackets. Follow that up by inserting rollers into the brackets. Stand vertical tracks on either side of your garage doorway, slipping them into the rollers on the bottom panels. Tightly screw the tracks to the doorway frame. Repeat this process for the other panels. Use a ratchet wrench to fasten the top plates of vertical tracks by tightening lag screws.

The next step will be to assemble the steel door’s curved and horizontal tracks by putting the top garage door panel in it’s place. You’ll need to screw your steel doors to a ceiling joist on either side. Then mount the horizontal tracks to the hangers. The installation kit that you have should contain springs and a lift cable, which you’ll need to attach to the doors and hangers. If you follow the installation instructions provided then you shouldn’t have any issues.

However, if you do end up having problems installing your steel garage then be sure to give us a call at 888-322-9035 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NYC Rolling Gates Long Island Garage Doors Installation & Repair

Long Island Garage Doors Installation & Repair

Need help getting your garage door inspected or repaired? Call us at 917-439-8428 and let NYC Rolling Gates service your garage door. We can fix or modify: any brand’s chain systems, folding doors, electrical/mechanical issues, sliding gates, overhead doors, or openers. NYC Rolling Gates also specializes in support replacing garage doors and openers if a garage is too damaged for use.

Any time you’re in need of a professional to handle your garage door repairs and installation, be sure to think of NYC Rolling Gates. If you’d like to purchase or install a garage door for your lovely Long Island home, you should only use the best company. NYC Rollings Gates is simply the best choice for your garage door repair and installation services due to our experience and longevity in the business.

For over two decades now, NYC Rolling Gates has been the best when it comes to working on your garage door. With our unrivaled experience, and knowledge of sales, installation and repair work, you will receive exemplary garage door work that will leave you satisfied. We take pride in being able to provide you with speedy home and business care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in Long Island, as well as Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. We replace and install all major brands, such as Martin, Able, Clopay, Liftmaster, Amarr, and more.

You might not know this but, problems with garage doors come about at the worst times. Instead of worrying about someone breaking into your home or business you rest assure that we will see to it that your garage door work perfectly and functions at all times.

We at NYC Rolling Gates, have worked on almost every problem imaginable when it comes to garage doors, and we’ll be able to tackle any problem you throw at us, professionally. We are skilled and knowledgeable in all types of garage doors, and can provide you with garage door suggestions, fill hardware needs, and also sell garage doors and parts. We specialize in all types of garage work, offering many alternatives that best suit your needs. We always do our work fast, friendly, affordably and professionally.

From garage doors at your home to multiple or single garage doors for your business, NYC Rolling Gates, completes all work perfectly in record time. There’s no job too small or too big and we’re prepared to complete the work you need done according to your schedule.


NYC Rolling Gates Overhead Garage Door

The Overhead Garage Door is something that is a very familiar and noticeable thing in the American household. It purpose is usually used to cover the garage. Inside the garage you’ll usually find tools, old junk and other clutter. The garage door is by far the most convenient method of hiding and protect cars and other things that might be stored there. Doors aren’t typically found within the garage but overhead garage doors actually provide full protection to belongings and also provide privacy.

There are various materials from which a Overhead Garage Door can be made. The most common materials are wood and metal scraps, but it also depend son the owner on how he would like to make the door be an extension of his personality. Even though metal overhead garage doors are frequently used due to its accessibility and affordability, garage doors can also be made of wood. Wooden doors take time to be built and wood attracts termites so it tends to be less popular than the metal type.

An Overhead Garage Door allows you to cover up your entire garage with one press of a button. Unlike gates which can potentially be stolen, overhead garage doors end up preventing this. Some garages are two to three cars wide and fences just won’t do the trick. Another problem is that in some neighborhoods the actions of everyone inside the community can’t be monitored so if for example you leave your car parked outside, it may end up getting scratched and no one would be held liable for it.

Technology has been moving at such a rapid pace that the button-operated Overhead Garage Door is being now replaced by remote, voice or sensor controlled ones. In addition, it is harder for thieves to access the inside because of its more personalized finish. Some homeowners go above and beyond and may use fingerprints to gain access.

Building an Overhead Garage Door requires a lot of hard work. Since garages vary in size, the majority of these doors are custom made to fit perfectly. Sometimes there might be ready-made doors available and can be modified later o the specifications of the owner.

If you’re someone who’s interested in trying an Overhead Garage Door but have never experienced having one, then we strongly recommend you contact NYC Rolling Gates at 917-439-8428 and allow us to help you find the type of overhead garage door that’s right for you! We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How To Choose Garage Doors In Long Island NY

Maintaining good conditions in your home on Long Island is very important. However the hard part is this task requires time and a certain amount of creativity. People tend to use different types of equipment to make sure that their home and properties are well guarded. Some homeowners tend to use garage hatches. They tend to help you maximize the value of your home. Homeowners may also use affordable Garage doors in Long Island to enhance the appearance of their homes.

If you have the right information, getting the best gates for your home can be an easy task. Through online services, companies provide people with vital information and services. The most important thing to do is to locate a reputable company. The company you choose should offer quality services associated with garages and may also specialize in other things.

Homeowners in Long Island that are choosing a garage door should understand a few things about hatches and doors. These hatches and doors come in different in all different designs and materials. Some of the common types of hatches are retractable, hinged sectionals retractable and canopy side. People who have limited space in their driveway are recommended to use sectionals hatches. If you’re looking to achieve a unique appearance for your garage, you can buy custom made gates that best suit your requirements.

Advancements in technology have greatly improved the mechanism of hatches over the years. The mechanism of opening these doors has also been improved due to the introduction of electronic devices. Manual gates are slowly being replaced by remote controls and motorized doors. The use of remote controls help you open gates from the comfort of your own car.

There are many factors one should keep in mind when choosing a garage door. Some of these factors include comfort, design and maintenance. Proper maintenance of the equipment is imperative in order to avoid future accidents or issues. One should inspect their gates in order to ensure that everything fits and is installed properly. Inspect fixtures like rollers, springs and other pieces installed in these gates.

Aesthetically, garages should have appealing gates when it comes to design and color. The exterior and interior designs should be similar in style. This is important because you will be able to have a unique look. Also be sure that the color of the paint matches with the color of your home. To ensure smooth movement of your gates, you should slide and move them regularly.



Solar & Power Gates

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, getting power to something such as a gate site can be as easy as using a solar panel or even a deep cycle marine battery. If you use your gate 15 times a day or less and you don’t require a telephone entry system, then that means that a solar powered gate will be as efficient as 110 volt A.C. with only a 20 watt panel. Sometimes it is necessary to add more panels with multiple access controls or to even add accessories that draw power from batteries if you intend for the gate to open more than 15 times a day.

Many of the swing gate openers that NYC Rolling Gates carries run from a battery which can be charged one of two ways: either by a solar panel or from electricity being run directly to the gate. Things such as slide gate openers run directly from a wired power source but will often times utilize the batteries as back up just in case there is a power outtage.

Aside from the easy installation and use of solar and power gates, there are other pros to having them. They are very “green” and environmentally friendly. Solar panels especially are by the most earth-friendly and not only that, but they last forever and will rarely require maintenance is installed correctly.

We firmly believe that solar powered gates are the way of the future and will continue to increase in popularity as more and more people become more eco-conscious. Sure it’s possible to try and install a solar powered gate by yourself but it definitely isn’t easy. Why not let the professionals handle it and ensure that you and your home will continue to be safe no matter what.

As a family business establishment we pride ourselves in achieving the highest personal goals when it comes to customer support and top range product selection. If you’d like to learn more and for details regarding power for a particular product, please visit us at NYCRollingGates.com or call us at 917-439-8428. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist and provide you with the information you need in order to make your decision.


NYC Rolling Gates Commercial Garage Doors Installation & Repair

We at NYC Rolling Gates always stock a complete line of commercial and industrial garage doors. From steel roll up doors to commercial gates, we’ve got it all for your business.

NYC Rolling Gates stands behind our commercial doors and gates with 24 hour emergency service. If you need commercial doors for your business that are reasonably priced and made with exceptional durability, then contact our team immediately at 917-439-8428.

It’s imperative to always consider your commercial & industrial overhead door as something just as important as any other piece of equipment in your building. The fact is, industrial and commercial garage doors are things that open and close several times a day on a daily basis. That is why choosing any low-quality garage door may end up being problematic later on and may eventually increase costs and worries for your business.

Industrial door that are stronger
NYC Rolling Gates Industrial doors are designed to stand the test of time. Constructed from crush-resistant polyurethane with metal walls and exclusive interlocking joints, these panels are built to last. They have exceptional strength and durability and are built for the long haul so rest assured you won’t end up regretting your decision.

NYC Rolling Gates door systems simply lasts longer
An important thing to keep in mind concerning the durability of a door is its hardware. Components to a door that are made of inferior quality may become a huge issue later on and can result in  high repair and maintenance costs. That’s why it always pays to get the very best that meet your requirements in order to prevent future maintenance calls.


Where Should I Buy My Garage Door?

When it comes to garage doors, there truly are a wide range of choices. One may purchase them from a supply store, such as Home Depot, where garage doors are offereed at the cheapest prices. However certain problems arise. Selection may be limited, especially when it comes to your choice of steel doors. Also, the installation they provide you with will be contracted out to someone you don’t know who may or may not be reliable.

Another option is buying a garage door from someone who is a handyman and works out of his own garage. With this scenario you will probably order a garage door from a brochure. The only issue is, sometimes you can wait weeks or even months before you receive and install the garage door.

It’s also possible to do business with a fly-by-night person who works out of the back of his car or truck. He may give you a choice of any type of door he has on hand that day saying that he’ll do the installation on the spot. The problem is, not only is it highly likely he does not have insurance, but it’s also very possible that you may not be able to locate him again, if there is any sort of issue in the future.

The best alternative to these other choices is to deal with a reputable garage door company such as NYC Rolling Gates. A legitimate company will either send a representative or technician to your home to show you what they have available, or they might even have a showroom where you can physically pick out exactly what you want. These types of companies employ their own installers and technicians and will guarantee materials and labor. Their inventories are also maintained, so installations can always be done in a timely manner.

THING TO REMEMBER: Ideally, you should be able to purchase a new garage door and have it installed at any time or place, not matter what time of the year. there is also no good reason why anyone should take time off of work to have to deal with something like this. Any good, reputable company will take your schedule into consideration and try to work with you to find the best possible time to do the job.

The Various Types of Garage Doors

A garage is by far one of the most important parts to any home, since it is the designated area used to store cars, tools, as well as other items. The most vital part to any garage is its door. It is the garage door that not only gives the garage its look but also give the garage functionality in addition to safety.

If you’re shopping around for a new garage door, then you’d probably be happy to know that there are many different types of garage doors available. These types of doors cater to people’s different needs. It is strongly recommended that prior to purchase, that a homeowner know the various types of garage doors available to them so that a proper selection can be made. Listed below are the different types of garage doors available:

Roller garage doors – these types of garage doors are the perfect option for garages that have issues with space or houses with short and narrow driveways. Made of narrow strips of aluminum, these types of doors wrap around a drum that is positioned above the opening of the door. These types of garage doors have no overhang, swing or reduction in width. Generally a remote control is used to operate these doors which basically means that you do not need to leave your car in order to open your garage door.

Sectional doors – this particular type of garage door is segmented into large subdivisions along the breadth of the door. The door opens upward into the ceiling space inside the garage. The great thing about these types of garage door is, they’re perfect for large and small doors.

Up and over garage doors – this type of garage doors first swings open towards the driveway then is moved up. Once the door is totally open it is parallel to ceiling of the garage. The drawback to this type of door however is that space is needed for opening and swinging the door, making it really only suitable for garages with long driveways.

Swing hung garage doors – swing hung garage doors are similar to the standard doors that are hinged. Needless to say, these types of doors require space in front of the garage so that they may be opened easily. They are also not recommended for narrow driveways.

Bronx Rolling Gates NY

Do you live in the Bronx and are you having trouble with your Rolling Gate or Roll up windows? Need help installing a garage door for your home or place of business? No matter the job, NYC Rolling gates handles everything from Rolling Gates, Rolling Windows, and overhead doors to Roll up Doors, Garage Doors, and Fire Doors. Our gates are weather-proof, fire-proof, and very easy to maintain in order to keep away the burglars and vandals.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days, a week, 365 days a year, we can be reached at 917-439-8428. Not only do we cater to the Bronx, but we also service Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island as well. Our gate specialists have years of experience and are dedicated in providing our clients with the best possible service at a reasonable cost. No matter what you need repaired or installed, we at NYC Rolling Gates can do it!

NYC Rolling Gates products and services include:

  • Rolling Gates
  • Roll up doors / roll down doors
  • Electric Gates
  • Window Gates
  • Iron Gates
  • Aluminum Gates
  • Grill Gates
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Custom products and more

Deciding on the proper gate for your home or business can sometimes be a very tedious process. Because our products are not only made from metal but are also made from wood and special vinyl as well, it’s incredibly important that you find the right match for yourself. Things such as size also need to be taken into consideration so that’s also important when choosing the type of gate for your home or business. No matter what you end up deciding on, our NYC Rolling Gates products are built to last in addition to providing you with the security that you need.

In addition to installing a plethora of rolling gates and window gates, we also specialize in repair them. No matter if it’s manual or electronic, we can fix it all. Be sure to call today and see why we’re the Bronx’s most recommend rolling gate and rolling window company.

Bronx, NY: Allerton, Baychester, Bedford, Boulevard, Bronx, Bronx River, Bronxdale, Castle Hill, City Island, Concourse, Country Club, Crotona Park, East Tremont, Esplanade, Fordham, Grand Concourse, Gun Hill, Highbridge, Hillside, Hub, Hunts Point, Indian Village, Jerome Avenue, Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights, Little Italy, Longwood, Marble Hill, Melrose, Morris Park Morrisania, Mosholu, Mott Haven, Norwood, Parkchester, Pelham, Pilgrim, Riverdale, Rosedale, Soundview, Southern Boulevard, Spuyten Duyvil, Stadium, Throggs Neck, University Heights, Van Cott, Van Nest, Wakefield, West Farms, Westchester, White Plains,

Queens Rolling Gates

If there’s is one thing NYC Rolling Gates specialize in, its security for your home or business. We know everything concerning rolling gates, rolling windows, OverHead Doors, Roll up Doors, Garage Doors, Fire Doors, Windows Installing, Windows Repair, and Windows Gates. For over 2 decades we’ve been servicing not only Queens, but Manhattan, Bronx, and Long Island as well.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for your home or for your business, NYC Rolling Gates can give you the security and protection you need, to put your mind at ease. You can choose from not only metal gates and doors, but wooden and special vinyl as well, depending on the type of establishment.

Call us today at 917-439-8428 and why we’re New York City’s premiere rolling windows and gates installation and repair specialists. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to take any job, no matter the size,

Queens, NY: Arverne, Astoria, Bay Terrace, Bayside, Bayswater, Beechhurst, Bell Harbor, Bellerose,l, Briarwood, Broad Channel, College Point, Corona, Elmhurst, Douglaston, Far Rockaway, Floral Park, Flushing, Forest Hills, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Glendale, Hillcrest, Hollis, Hollis Hills, Holliswood, Howard Beach, Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Jamaica Estates, Kew Garden, Lindenwood, Little Neck, Long Island City, Maspeth, Middle Village, New Hyde Park, Ozone Park, Rego Park, Richmond Hill, Ridgewood, Rockaway, Rosedale Saint Albans, Springfield Gardens, Sunnyside,

Wooden gates by The Wooden Gate Company

Wooden gates by The Wooden Gate Company
Welcome to The Wooden Gate Company, this short film will show you how your quality wooden Gates and Garage doors are made in our workshop in Poole Dorset. They can be made in either hardwood or softwood to your exact sizes and delivered anywhere within the UK mainland

Bayer Built Doors Acclimated Entry Systems – Glenbrook U

Bayer Built Doors Acclimated Entry Systems - Glenbrook U
Acclimated Entry Systems ™ Features Continuous Head, Sill and Mull System Utilizing a continuous head and sill system with a sturdy 2 1/2″ mull post maximizes stability of sidelite units and virtually eliminates racking and binding. Dual Seal Adjustable Sill The composite substrate, high dam and dual seal overlap cap resist wind and water damage to the sill. Sill covers provide jobsite protection. Aluminum Clad Maintenance-free heavy-duty aluminum clad is available with crownline or classic brickmould styles (crownline pictured). Seven colors in stock. Garage door clad frame sets are also available. Standard Frame Our standard frame is primed on the exterior for painting and unfinished on the interior for staining to blend with interior trim. Solid oak and stainable pine jambs are available too. Storm door prep is standard. Hinge Colors A variety of hinge finishes are available to match door hardware. Sure Fit Worksaver Shims This 2-piece interlocking shim solution eases installation with pre-applied base plates in proper locations and quantity. The shim is simply inserted in the base plate and trimmed to size. Force 5 Performance Guarantee This program brings together “certified” weather resistant frame components and doors with a guarantee* to create high performance, reliable entry systems… Acclimated Entry Systems * Properly installed entry systems carry the warranty of the door. For example, a Barrington system has a limited Lifetime Warranty while a Select Steel

How to Paint 1968 RS Camaro in your Home Garage

How to Paint 1968 RS Camaro in your Home Garage
Mark Aquino creates a paint booth at home garage for professional show room finish on this 1968 RS Camaro. To build a paint booth from home, start with clean concrete floor. Wash off drive way. Use 6 mil plastic to cover the walls and items stored in the garage. Provide good air flow by opening the windows and open the garage doors. Paint on a day when they’re low or no wind or breeze. Keep it clean. This 68 RS Camaro will be 2009 Porsche meteor gray with black stripping. We mask the stripes. Big block camaros have black rear panels and though this is a narly small block, we’ll be painting the rear panel all black for the effect. We will water sand and scuff between coats.